Our Partners


The eLibrary Project is passionate about literacy development and innovation in the education sector. As such, we have formed strategic partnerships with local and international organisations that reflect our vision and aspirations. Strategic partners also share information and expertise where appropriate.

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yellobric is a charity set up in 2011 to enable sustainable, long-term economic growth through education, the mass distribution of literature and web access in the developing world. Its focus is on the wide scale distribution of eReaders as a low cost and effective way of providing developing world children with educational material, web access and other educational tools. Yellobric is committed to working with communities, other charitable organisations and government bodies to this end.


EAdvance is a uniquely South African education company that provides affordable private education to low income communities, by leveraging individualised learning and innovative education technology solutions. Eadvance also offers education consulting services to both public and private schooling systems.

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